Jess Curtis/Gravity

Performance Research Experiment #2.2

Performance Research Experiment #2.2 is a full-evening, interactive performance/experiment mixing contemporary dance, circus, performance art, live music and science. Creator/performers Jess Curtis and Jörg Müller along with French media artist Yoann Trellu, examine the relationships of live art and science to the body and culture. The evening is constructed of 17 performance actions that are presented while measuring and projecting data from specific physical reactions (heart rates and skin conductivity) of selected audience members into the performance.

Performance Research Experiment #2.2, Trailer - Feb. 1, 2014 - Joe Goode Annex San Francisco from Jess Curtis/Gravity on Vimeo.

Click here to watch the full length performance.

What does performance provoke in an audience?

At times witty, intense, surreal, and beautiful, audiences witness a rigorous yet personal examination of the impact of performance—as well as the sometimes confounding paradoxes that only the human heart seems capable of producing—all as they experience the collection and on-stage streaming of quantifiable data in real time that measures the physiological responses of volunteer ‘test subject’ audience members. Thus without setting a foot onstage the audience itself, either by being measured, or comparing themselves to those who are, become part of the machinery that moves the performance. On the science side, PRE #2 was developed in collaboration with neuroscientist Dr. Ida Mommenejad (Princeton) as “scienturge, ”Berlin dramaturge Mira Moschallski. and a host of consultants including Dr. Joe Dumit, (Science and Technology Studies, UC Davis), and Evan Buswell (Data/Cultural Studies, UC Davis)

Jess Curtis/Gravity